Monday, February 17, 2014

Home Tour: Before

If any of you have been following me on Instagram, you're probably sick of all the painting photos. My husband and I have been hard at work lately prepping our condo to sell. We've been praying for a house the last few years and both feel the Lord is preparing us for that blessing. We love our condo. It has served us well for five years and was the perfect cozy home to start our life together. However, the needs of our family have changed. We have a very high energy Husky who desperately needs a yard, not to mention a running toddler who would totally enjoy it as well. I'd love to start growing our own vegetables and plant a flower garden. We all could use some personal space away from sharing walls with strangers. To top it all off, we are having baby fever and can't see ourselves bringing another addition into an already overwhelming place.

While we understand there is a lot of responsibility when owning an actual house verses a condo, it is what is best for our needs. We've been taking on some projects here and there to clean up, declutter, freshen up, decorate the condo. Now though, the ball has really been rolling and I just knew I had to include you on our crazy journey!

Dining Area
Living room 1
Living Room 2
Downstairs half bath
Guest full bath
Master full bathroom
David's bedroom / second bedroom
Our bedroom / master bedroom
Tada, here's the before! These photos were taken a few months ago so we've made some changes already. I decluttered SO much stuff, it should be a crime. But I'm glad it's not because there is more to get rid of and donate. We've already freshened up the paint in the downstairs half bath (what do you think of the scalloped effect?), the master bath and bedroom. David's room has been rearranged but it's the only room we won't be touching since we converted my old studio into a nursery.

Once we finish more projects and I really finalized the decorating/staging, I'll try and dedicate one post per room. That way I can break down the before and after differences, what we did and you can let me know what you think. I'm so excited!! Home projects are simply the best and I cannot wait to see it all come together! Eventually I'd love to share DIY tutorials as both of us love being creative and I know you do to ;)

So tell me: have you been through the buying and selling process? any tips for selling a home? any tips for buying a first house? what would you do to our condo to sell it?

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