Monday, February 3, 2014


Oops I did it again.

I changed my blog name!!
Last year I went from Art By Jacy to Jacy Lee Pulford, which is my full name and I thought it would be neat. It was for a while but then it really started to bother me. And my husband, who thought it was weird to have my full name as a url. Agreed.

I've been so nervous about changing it because I've been receiving so much support lately on social media and traffic has been amazing. But like everything I do, I had to be honest and real. November of last year I rebranded my shop from Art By Jacy to Hello Awesome and LOVE the new name/feel. It captures this creative and fun side of me that I want people to know. Customers really do relate to it more.

When the Lord led me to take a break, it was hard to put down the laptop and walk away for a while. Not blogging for an entire month was HARD! But so worth it. I've never been more sure of the path that God wants me on and this new name change is a reflection of that. I want to say "hello" everyday to being "awesome" because we serve an "Awesome" God!

So the previous url will now forward to the NEW blog url!! This new name is here to stay for a LONG time, I promise you! It's fresh and inviting, totally better than using my real name which I always thought came off as kinda self-centered. Not that other people can't do it, it just didn't work for me.

**Please, if you have shared any of my posts on your site, change the url link to >> If you've pinned my images, you can edit the url on your boards. I would appreciate it very much and it'll help establish Hello Awesome >> And I'll be changing the url on Bloglovin, so the name "Hello Awesome" will show up in your feed.**

So there you have it. There is a Hello Awesome Shop and now a Hello Awesome Blog. All happy and cool in a cohesive little package. At least that's my hope. Also, my new business email is My other email addresses will expire this month, so please contact me via the new one. Lots of newness going on, I love it!

I don't want this space to be all about me; it's about God, family, life and art! It's about inspiring the heart and showing people awesome things. That's what I want this space to be about. Saying hello to awesomeness. Will you embrace it with me?

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