Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That Time We Left the Dog Home: Part 1

Linking it was magical. Don't get me wrong; I love my Jackie girl. I mean look at that face:

Maybe it's because working from home and being mommy to baby boy and puppy can be a little nutty but I felt kinda relieved we went away this weekend just us humans {Thanks for being Jackie's BFF for three days, Lauren!} We packed up and headed towards New Hampshire on Friday to visit my sister and her family. I almost named this post "The Time We Finally Went on a Family Vacation" but that extra word made the title too long. And yes, typing it just now wore me out.

Littleton is by far one the cutest towns I've ever been to {beside Rockport of course.} Cute little shops, inns, fun exploring nooks, amazing thrift shops...you know, I'll just stop talking {typing} and just show you. Pictures will express what I'm thinking better than my own brain. Let's just say, this is what heaven must be like. Except with Jesus. And smoothies. Caution: photography vomit about to ensue.

PS: This post is the first of a two-parter. There was this incredible antique shop where my husband and I wanted to crawl into a grandfather clock and live there. No joke. But we didn't because that was creepy and only one person can really fit into a clock. I think. For now, enjoy some photos of around downtown Main Street and keep your eyes peeled for a Part 2 post later in the week!

Last thoughts: those umbrellas were life-changing amazing / that Jones soda rocked my taste buds / that Chutter's candy counter was pretty insane / that stuffed dog was the only husky in my face. Pure bliss.

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