Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Do You Blog Every Day?

I've been pondering whether I should blog every day or not for about a week now. Then I came across this great post from Denyse over at Glitter, Glue and Paint. Thank you Kelly from +Live Laugh Rowe  for pinning! It really helped me with my decision. So I wanted to ask you beauties...

No. That is my answer and I'm sticking to it. No, I do not blog every day. When I revamped this space and began anew, I struggled with the desire to blog every day because I knew it wasn't coming from my heart. It was provoked by expectations. What do I mean?

It is easy to feel like you have to give and give and give everything all the time in the blog world. The problem lies with quality not quantity and that is exactly what Denyse said so perfectly!

You can write once a week, twice a week, three, four, five long as what you are putting out is the best content you can muster, more power to you. But if you are just blogging because you are trying to "run with the big dogs" or blogging has become more of a chore than a passion, stop. Just stop right now. Step back. Breathe. Pray. Evaluate yourself as to why you feel the urge to write every day even without inspiration.

I still battle with this false mindset. Some days I just want to blog for fun, like the good ol' days and other days I struggle because I really don't feel like it but I've allowed my blog to be my boss. That 'ain't cool, folks. Blogging is about awesome content that is full of life, not just entertaining words or pictures.

The reason why content matters is because it matters to you! Not because you "have to" create it. It matters because in between the words, your passions are woven and your dreams are exposed. The content forms from the things you love not by a system of requirements. THAT is what will take you to the top. THAT is what will give your blog life.

Besides that, blogging is really an outlet for me. I'm just blessed people actually care {I think} about what I put here. This little place online is a creative hub for me, to put all of my thoughts/ideas/heartfelt messages on typed/scrolled pages. It just so happens some people can relate and are inspired along the way. But my goal shouldn't be to please the people. It should never be to hype up the crowd or try to run with the crowd.  As long as my blog isn't going against my beliefs and morals, everything should be golden.

I really want to know, do you blog every day? It would be awesome if we could have this discussion in the comments. It doesn't matter if you're a mommy blogger, DIY blogger, fashion/beauty blogger, booger blogger {ha}...this question has run through your mind at least once. And I'd love to know how you answer it!


  1. Great post! I started out blogging two-three times a week but now I'm only blogging once a week. I don't have the time to do a quality blog more often. If current events or certain situations provide a subject for me, I'll blog a second time, but it's rare.

    1. It's awesome that you recognize that, Laura. Thanks for sharing! I think we ladies need to all be realistic about our blog goals and when we post.

  2. I started my blog this month and was blogging almost everyday for a week. I do a lot of diy projects, so I felt like I HAD to make something new everyday and blog about it. I then realized that I don't have to do that and shouldn't take the time away from my husband just to have more viewers. Now I'm just blogging when I have a new project done or feel like it's worth sharing. I've actually seen an increase in views! Your post was so helpful too! Thanks.


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