Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I Wore {While Writing} / New Series

I think I did it, folks. I think I've made history.

Well, not yet anyway but I've been thinking for the last few months about this blog. If you've stuck with me through all of my blogcations and blakes {blog vacations and blog breaks, get it?}, I sincerely thank you. There is nothing more frustrating than following a blog and then having the blogger stop writing new content.

As a stay-at-home/ almost work-at-home wife and mommy, blogging is the best outlet for my creative mind. It's like a digital journal and way to connect with other awesome people. If you still read my blog, you may remember when I was participating in a fashion series started by +Danielle Doerr from Framed Frosting. It was called the Six Piece Remix series and though I didn't finish the entire six weeks, I had a blast doing it!

When re-vamping this blog, I wanted something to showcase my writing but not lose that fashion fun side. I admit, I do not consider myself a fashionista or trend-setter by any means. Which is WHY I am launching a new blog series! It is time to hang up my furry bathrobe, throw those jammies into the hamper and have some daily fun in my closet. I've been actually practicing getting dressed every day...isn't that kinda sad for me to say? Mommies that stay home, you KNOW what I am talking about!

So I am infusing fashion and writing, two things that are fun for me and two things that I actually haven't seen together in the blog world. I'm not talking about being a "fashion writer" but about how fashion can help writing. Every day, I write. I schedule time when my baby boy is sleeping to get down on my laptop and type like mad. Sometimes, creativity doesn't show up and inspiration is running dry. To get the wheels turning and ideas flowing, I am going to experiment with some fashion love.

You all know, when you have a cute outfit on and your hair all stylin', you feel GOOD about yourself. You feel confident and bold. You feel successful before you even leave the house. Well, I am in the house all day, so why not change out of the frumpy-comfies and into something with personality!

I hope you will join me as I start this new devotion to writing while being fashionable. Disclosure: I'm not going to dress like the hottest Vogue cover girl or the latest celebrity. I am going to still be me, using what I have, to bring a positive environment into my space so that my mind can be free to create great things.

Will you follow me in this new series?
What are your thoughts about mixing fashion with writing?
What is your favorite piece to wear to feel confident?

The first post will go live next Wednesday, so stay tuned!
Follow the hastag #WIWWW on Twitter and in the blog tags.

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