Monday, March 4, 2013

I Wanna Know You {Linky Party}

"Who you are and what you do, should be one in the same."
- Jacy Pulford {}

It's here! It's here! I am finally back in action, ya'll, woot...

These last couple of months I took time out from blogging and social media. It was hard, guys, not gonna lie. I went an entire 30 days without posting a blog post or updating a Facebook status! What?! It was like a time warp...but felt awesome. I am thinking of writing an ebook about what I went through and what I learned. Would you be interested in that??

During that time, I worked on writing better content because I wanted more heart and passion in this little blog space. And can I confess, there are SO many great posts on the way!

To kick off the new ABJ {Art By Jacy} I'm having an epic linky party this week. All week long {until Friday}, link up your shop or blog so that I can get to know you. Why? Well, why not! If you've been hanging around here or even just passing through, I want to know who you are. Knowing my readers is very important to me and I've realized that I did not take that much time before to do so.

But before you link up below, I wanted to give you a glimpse inside of my world {gulp!} Ready?

I am the oldest of four. Yup, I'm that big sister who is over-protective yet ridiculously corny. After me, there's Leani {above in the purple with our suave daddy} and then the amazing twins Nikko {who I'm taking a bite of} and Melina {who joined my silliness in the first pic.} I love being a big sis!

My other loves are my handsome husband Jonathan and our little baby boy David. He can be just as silly as his momma! Besides hanging out with family, I love to be creative {who would have guessed!} I run an online art shop and also have written a book about emotional purity, a passion very close to my heart. Jesus is my God and Saviour. I do not hide it. I love sharing my faith because without God, nothing matters.

My goal for ABJ is to share what is on my heart through my writing and artwork, hopefully inspiring and uplifting your heart through the process.

Your turn, yay!! Who are you? What do you do? I wanna know!
Before you linkup, there are a couple of guidelines...please read...
- You don't have to be an ABJ follower to linkup but it would be appreciated! {go to sidebar for details}
- What you can share: a direct link to your blog or shop. It must be run/owned by you.
- What NOT to share: links to specific items in your shop, linky parties, giveaways, recipes or specific posts.
- Grab a button and share...the more the merrier :)

Art By Jacy


  1. I'm linking up--I've been a follower for a while! Glad you're back!

    I love those pictures--especially the first two! too cute


    1. Thanks for the support and for linking up, Holly! Just checked out your blog, super cute :)

  2. You have such a lovely family! Baby boy is just too cute for words!! ♥ Great idea for a linky girl! :)


    1. He makes me smile all day long :)
      So glad to see you linking up, friend!

  3. I am SOOO happy to see you back. I honestly don't know about any other Pentecostal Bloggers and it is so cool to have another friend who is! :)

    1. Praise the Lord, sista! Glad to be back, let's light up this blog world :)

  4. Glad your back too!! I also went through a sort of time off from my blog and came back with a new name and theme. Tried to join you linky party but it said resource couldn't be found, I'll check back later or maybe next time :)

    Stopping by from Under Construction @

    1. Hey Summer! It is refreshing to take that time to get reconnected eith what you want to do. Try linking up again, it seems to be working on my end. If you still have issues, shoot me an email
      Thanks for stopping by!


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