Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear David...{Boys Have Hearts Too: Letter 6}

Dear David...

Wow, my boy, time is sure flying by. The last time I wrote a letter to you was back in August. Now you are just about one month away from being a year old. What?! Man you make my life complete.

I am going to try and not take so long in between letters next time because there is SO much momma wants you to know. A lot of pressing issues are on my heart and I want to connect with yours. That's right, David. Boys have hearts too. No matter what any macho-man-wannabe, thick headed muscle man tells you...listen to me. Guys are just as sensitive compared to those yucky girls.

Believe it. I'm sharing with you a secret that mankind has been sweeping under the rug since the first caveman wrestled a T-Rex to save his darling. He probably acted all tough up front, but on the inside he was screaming like a little girl getting hit in the head during a came of PE dodge ball. You see, son, it is inside of a man to want to protect. You were made with that instinct to provide security. As you grow older, you will understand this more.

Part of having that instinct to protect is a responsibility that can leave a heavy weight on some men's shoulders. And some of them like to act as if they are okay when really they are scared inside. Frightened. Shaken by the amount of stuff on their big tough guy plates. but society has taught them to be quiet and put on a brave face. Crying is for girls and as a guy, you shouldn't even have tear ducts!

I'm telling you right now that crying is for all humans. Not only that, it's okay to be sensitive to other people's needs. Daddy may not tell you this, but he is very sensitive. If you don't believe me, ask him about the video of Dalmatian puppies eating peanut butter for the first time. This doesn't make him "less of a man", son. He has plenty of samurai swords hidden around the house just in case he needs to protect us with his killer skills.
We are all sensitive and that's how it's meant to be. It means that God has made you in His image, which He surely did! Isn't God's heart sensitive? Doesn't He care about other people, and not only that, doesn't He express His feelings?

I'm not trying to turn you into a whiny, mushy advice columnist. But if that's who you turn out to be, that's who you will be. All I'm saying is this...boys have hearts too and for a purpose. Use your sensitive heart to turn to God, to mirror His ways and to accomplish the calling He has given you. Use your heart to help the least of these and to build up your family. Being a sensitive boy doesn't make you any less "macho." It actually makes you more of a man for not hiding what is naturally within you.

Love Always,
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  1. What a cute & funny post. Had to giggle about the caveman-dodgeball analogy. You're such a fun writer! Thank you for sharing this mama letter with us at the Mommy-Brain Mixer! So happy to meet you this week, Jacy.

    1. Thanks Jelli! I try and not hide my craziness haha Thanks for stopping by, I adore your blog.

  2. Awww, I love your letter to your little man! Definitely an important lesson for boys. David is such a cutie. I know all too well how fast they grow. *Sigh* Joining you from the MOB link up.


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