Monday, November 5, 2012

That feeling...{Weekend Recap}

Phew, another weekend bites the dust.
Is it just me or are these things flying by faster?
This past Saturday was pretty fun.
I had a booth at our public library in Enfield CT for local authors. The fair was a Children/Teen/Youth event and it was so cool to meet other authors, speak to parents and young kids about my book, The Palace Keepers and the purity of the heart. Here is what my booth looked like:

There was one woman who approached my table and I felt that tug from God in my heart. You know that feeling. The feeling you get when you are behind someone in need at the supermarket and you feel this urge to pay for them, or that voice that tells you to pray/call/text someone out of the blue because you feel God wants them to know He knows where they are and is with them. Yeah...that feeling...

So she reads the back of The Palace Keepers and I start to tell her what it is about.
Her eyes lite up and though I sense some hesitation, she admitted that she needed to read this book, that she was going through relationship stuff at that moment. Wow, God is good!

This small little local fair made me realize what it's all about...reaching people!
Get out there, get connected and meet the need. I'm so blessed to have met some great people and I did learn some neat things.  

What did you do this weekend? Did you connect with others?

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