Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spotlight Saturday: Fall, Food & Friends

This edition of Spotlight Saturday is going to be a little different...probably better than normal. Past Spotlight posts focused on just one person or shop/blog BUT today I am featuring some of my awesome peeps! {is that word still cool? whatev}

I asked my Facebook & Twitter friends to send me some crafty, sweet, yummy links for today's post. Warning: You may feel overwhelmed with awesomeness but it's okay...just take a dose of chill pill, and call me in the am. Just kidding...don't call me...

Each photo is linked to the original source, so stop by, say hey, connect, mingle, etc etc but most of all, HAVE FUN!!

Print of Original Watercolor Painting, Titled: "Deer" by Jessica Buhman 11 x 14 Pink Purple Yellow Blue Brown Black Reindeer
We Are Thankful free printable 

Do you like this edition of Spotlight Saturday? Comment & let me know, yo.
Stay tuned for the Nom Nom Recipe Linky Party {#2} on Monday.
Link up your new or old the meantime, check out #1!


Comments from Awesome People

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