Friday, March 16, 2012

DIY Revamped Nursery Dresser

Okay ya'll, remember at the beginning of the month when I shared this post about the new paint in the nursery and this teaser pic of the revamped dresser:

It's not a HUGE change that you can really tell in photos, I guess...I mean I didn't go from white to lime green damask or mod podge the entire thing in gold fabric...but trust me, sometimes all something needs is a little refresher, not a huge facelift...

Here's how my awesome vintage dresser looked before:

Not too shabby, right?
Confession time; I LOVE this dresser! It was a freebie from an old boss who is an interior designer. When I got my first apartment five years ago, I was helping her clean the studio basement (talk about an artist/designer's dream! Vintage furniture, luscious fabric scraps and then some...oh yeah.)
when she spotted the dresser and says "Hey, if you want this, you can take it for free."

"Uh, what? DUH!!"
I said in my mind, when in actuality I tried to put a cool face and eased a simple "Sure..."
This baby was mine! I painted it white and spray-painted the original hardware silver.

BUTTTTTTT....cut to now, and the dresser just needed a little TLC and some color to match my baby boy's room. See the paint chipping and white fading? That's not cute...or safe.

  First thing's first, I took all the drawers out and unscrewed the hardware.

 See the nice pile of silver knobs? I can't part with them...they are originals, people!!
Such sweet detailing, and they remind me of mini door knockers hehe

I laid out the drawers to be painted. The original piece only had the paint done I stuck with it. Eh, why work harder if they didn't? Right? Psh...

I used the same paint that I used on the's not a bright white, but it's called "Frost" from Behr. Totally the perfect shade of white if you are not wanting stark-hospital-room know what I mean!

**Note: I'm a pregnant goober and "thought" I took a photo of me actually spray-painting the hardware a candy red So I'll just take you to the after look, where you'll see them anyways**

TA-DA!! Ahhh what a refreshing look!
Instead of chipped/faded white, we now have a new fresh "Frost" white and instead of drab silver hardware, we're poppin' with some red ones, yo. Fo' realz...

I'm DYING to show you all the cool tutorials and stuffs I'm making for my lil' man's nursery. I'm trying to give you a little at a time as to not blow your brains out with my awesome makeover skillz (you're welcome btw) ;)

So that is all until next time...let's move on to why you are really here, shall we?

**drum roll pleazzzeee...and thank you...**

a Rafflecopter giveaway 
Wow, seriously, I promise this was a totally random pick from the widget...but Megan is like, totally, one of the coolest bloggy BFFs I know :)
Do a happy dance, girl!
If ya'll have never heard of Megan and her amazing blog The Mrs, then you need to head over and say soon, or now...while you are there, check out her awesome blog design that I hooked her up with (**plug, plug, plug alert**)

Alright, back to lovely Mrs. Megan, you now have 48 hrs to contact me via email to claim your prize, girl! Whoohoo!

Thanks to everyone for your participation, especially the lovely Catrina Boucher for her gorgeous photography and prize :)
Let's all congratulate Megan and support Catrina's work!
You know my motto..."people helping people"...that's how we do...

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  1. Jacy, great work! It's so satisfying to know that you created this yourself for baby's room! Thanks for sharing this at Drab to Fab last week!
    This week’s party is live right now!

    I’d love for you to link up again this week with more of your amazing stuff! Old or new is always welcome :)

    Amy @ Sugar and Spice


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