Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{JJ&M} journaling series: Thoughts in Poems, Part 1

{entries are edited to protect names & identities}
6/5/07 - 6/8/07

The Dealer
I've been dealt many hands,
As Jesus holds the deck
They fumble in my grasp,
Look at me, I'm a wreck
But I know this is good for me,
So I have no regret
Faith, check
I got that in my heart
May not seem like much,
but it's a start...
Thoughts dripping inside,
Sinking behind my eyes
Puddling in my soul
Calming taking hold
Peace as I piece
Together, the puzzle underneath
My flesh, in my chest
Savor the drops
that my mind has bled
Faith being fed
Love equals red...
    The Door
Like a brand new door
Shiny knob and hinges
No sound when opened
Will never jam shut
Lord, I owe you
Blessed me with the best I can see,
I must leave the rest
Hold the door for me,
I can feel the light
Let me walk and be free,
Let me leave this night...
Be careful, child
The darkness can swallow you
Be cautious, child
The night can laugh at you
Hold tight, child
For the Lord is always with you
Say goodnight, child
It will all be over soon...

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  1. Little sister, those four poems are beautiful. I HOPE YOU WROTE THEM!!! They sound like you did. Look at that, your a poet, a writer, an artist and soon to be mommy. You have talent coming out of the top of your head and out of your ears. My favorite one is The Door, but I feel I can relate to all of them. I felt like the poems were speaking to me personally. I like it.

  2. Thanks Bill!
    Yes, I wrote them lol I found that during rough times, I used to write my emotions better in poems than in actual journal entries...there will be more :)


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