Monday, February 20, 2012

What I Wore Today: My Cheap Preggo Outfit!

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Hey ya'll, Happy President's Day!

Yeah, okay, so we don't usually do that on this holiday...blah, sue me.
I did because I'm super excited about savings.
That's sales today, whoohoo!!

Though what I wore today was not bought today, it made for a nice comfy day outfit for this expecting mommy. Especially as I hit the stores...

Pin It I'm 30 weeks now (eekk!!) so soft shoes was a must!
Here I am being a goober...hi :)
Okay, so here's the break down of this oh-so-perfect preggo outfit:
- Elastic waist (um, a must right now) jean skirt $4 (thrifted baby!)
- Black & white knock-off Sketcher wannabe shoes from Walmart: $10 
(Hey, I don't pay money just for the name. I'd thrift store it all the way if I could!)

Pin It  - Jean jacket: Gap $20 (I know it was originally more, but it was on sale when I bought it a long time ago and I know the max I spent was $20...can't remember the real amount, but let's go with that.)

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 - Blue knitted buttoned top $1 (also thrifted)

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 and finally...
- Sparkly purple/silver scarf FREE (gift...thanks mom!)

So in all, this outfit was around 35 buckaroos...pretty much the cost of one preggo shirt from Motherhood!
There you have it. My first post about an outfit and me taking silly pictures (my husband was grinning the entire time I was putting this post together. He thinks me and my bloggy world with bloggy friends is funny.)

I can't wait to snap some photos of all the great stuff I got at the stores today! Let's just say there was 50% off all clothing and shoes at one of my favorite thrift stores, Savers (super high quality stuff too.)
Hope to post that tomorrow, don't miss it!!


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