Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nursery Makeover Update...there's paint!

As time is flying, I'm getting so anxious about finishing my baby's nursery!
Last I left you guys, I shared with you in this post what my old studio looked like before and how it looked primed...if you forgot, here are some refresher pics...

My bright, fun colored walls...the before...

...and during, covered with regular white primer...

Now here's what it looks like with the nursery paint on the walls!!

Yay! It's coming along...very hard to tell in this pic, but the color is a frosty pale blue.
I also painted the trim, table and dresser a nice white called Frost from Behr.

I'll be sharing how I revamped/refreshed my old vintage dresser soon (on the right in the top pic) but here's a sneak peek...

Have you been doing any projects around your home?
Comment and share below!


  1. Looks lovely, Cozy and cute!

  2. Great job priming!
    We've been slooowly revamping the living room- it was already painted a yellow so we're adding golden + warm toned accessories. We just got a deep red/orange braided rug and that mini white fur skin from IKEA- super cozy!

  3. That sounds amazing, Kitty!
    I love Ikea...I actually was there last night getting curtains. Couldn't find the rug I wanted for this room though. Definitely can't wait to show you the curtains when they are up, so exciting :)


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