Monday, January 23, 2012

Goodbye Studio...Hello Nursery

This is a HUGE change for me. You know, beside giving birth to a human being. Luckily they don't deliver full grown...ha

My studio has been replaced! Yup, that square tangerine orange room will soon be the home of our beloved <---(that's a hint of what the baby's name means! Can you guess what the name is? Remember, we're having a boy...)

So my handsome hubby and I moved all of my studio stuff to the basement...

...pretty ptitful, huh? I actually like it! No windows but it's like my own lil' art cave :)
Fortunately, we have two parts to our downstairs: a finished (above photo) and an unfinished, where we have shelving and the washer/dryer (among other things). So, that's where all of my inventory went...

Handsome hubby hooked it up so that I can hang stuff from my pegboards. I organized around the shelves and table. That's where I pack things to ship or let artwork dry.

Still a work in progress, but you know, I'm prepared to make more changes in my life 'cuz I won't have a choice when the baby comes! haha
Okay, back to the nursery...we got our gear on and started priming...

Thumbs up for my hot face mask!! You know you want one...or three...

Wala! Primer is up and looking good!
One thing we noticed did NOT look good...our "white" doors are more of an ivory/yellow next to the white. Yikes! Better do something with that since our trim will be white...

I've been trying to keep the colors hush-hush because I want to really have a cool reveal once it's done!
Plus, I don't want anyone copying least wait until I do it first, then copy
I just can't keep my mouth shut. Honest.
So, I'll give you a taste...since I am bad at keeping secrets (just ask my handsome)

There, that's all you get! Now go away... ;)


  1. Awh! this is such a fun time making preparations for our little ones! I'm loving your color scheme! I wanted to do that so bad, but changed my mind for a more feminine look for our sweet nugget! I hated that mask thing. It made me so sweaty (or is that just pregnancy)!!

  2. That's beautiful! Have fun decorating your nursery, it looks amazing so far!

    PS - Where can I get that mask? =)

  3. Megan, seriously! Worst part was that it fogged up my glasses haha Halfway through, I was like "Why didn't I wear my contacts for this??" Duh...

    Thanks Jae! I'm going to have wayyy too much fun (if there's such a thing) :)


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