Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Freebie Tuesday: Custom Logo Design Giveaway & Winner Announcement

I'm SUPER EXCITED  for this week's giveaway because it's something every shop owner or business wants/needs...a custom logo!!

As a primarily self-taught graphic designer, I love helping others brand their shops and businesses. My shop has blossomed this past year and I like to think it's because I take a very personal approach to working with people. Customers need to know who you are, not just what you sell.
A logo can do just that!

The winner of this fablu-tastic (like my new word. I know) giveaway will get to work with me as I create a custom logo just for them! Every logo is unique and original. I NEVER duplicate the final designs. Every person is different, therefore, every business is different. You won't get a cookie-cutter design that's just manufactured over and over for different customers. You will get something BRAND NEW just for YOU :)

How does that sound? 
I hope it sounds fablu-tastic!
(okay, I'm done with that word now.)
The winner will receive the logo as two files:
PNG (transparent background/watermark, like the first photo of the post)
JPEG (white background, like the second photo of the post)

Also, the service includes unlimited samples and revisions, so you WILL get something you love!

As always, here's how to enter:

1.) To have ONE entry, you MUST be a follower of this blog. Click "Join this site" on the right toolbar----->
(comment below with your correct email address)

*~*Additional entries!*~*
You have to be a blog follower to enter once, but if you do any of these additional things, you can have your name added to the hat again :)

(counts as one entry. comment below if you liked the page and include your email)

(counts as one entry. comment below if you are following and include your email)
 **NOTE: If you are an existing fan or follower, that counts!! You don't have to be brand-spanking new :) **

4.) Tweet or Facebook link about this giveaway
(counts as TWO entries. comment below where you shared the giveaway and include your email)

Entries will be received from now until 12am, next Tuesday, Jan. 24th.
Yay, good luck everyone!!

Oh yeah, here is the winner of last week's 5x7 print giveaway...
 Lilly Queen! Yay!
Email me your address to claim your prize!


  1. My baby blog could really use a professional's eye for design. I'm a follower. :)

  2. Hi there. I would loooooooove to win. I am following your blog. My email is hannahbnana123 at gmail dot com

  3. Me again. I am a fan on FB.

    hannahbnana123 at gmail dot com

  4. Me again. I am a following on twitter.

    hannahbnana123 at gmail dot com

  5. Ok, gave you a plug on my blog.

  6. a shout out has gone out on the bananaorangeapple fb page

  7. And I have tweeted too.....

    my twitter name is banoranapple, which sounds really daggy, but bananaorangeapple is too long, apparently.

  8. Entering!! That would be so awesome. I'm at that stage in my candle business that I am ready to take that next step.....

  9. Doing it all:) What a wonderful way to use your gifts and talenst!! Blessings!!

  10. Forgot to add my email: kellybermudezart@hotmail.com

  11. Could really use this for my etsy show :) Now following your blog <3 (Nvr get on fb or twitter so just one entry for me)

    ;) Kccatlover1@yahoo.com

  12. I am now following your blog, on twitter, tweeted about this contest, and I think I somehow married you! LOL!

    Fun contest, thanks!


  13. Sounds like fun! Thanks! Following your blog, like u on FB, Following you on Twitter and Pinterest. Will also go and pin and stumble some of your shop items!


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