Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Etsy Seller Feature: Wendy from CreoleSha!

Sometimes we get lucky and fate hands us a talented, wonderful shop owner who we admire and adore. This was the case when Wendy from CreoleSha wanted a new shop banner and chose me to help :)
I was a fan of Wendy's shop for a long time, so I was thrilled by the opportunity!

After the project, I decided I wanted to know more about Wendy and her wonderful shop.
Here is an exclusive interview!!

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

I grew up in southern Louisiana. I don't remember ever not creating. My mom loved to create so we grew up appreciating handmade. I'm a mother to 3, married and have two sisters & a brother ;) 
I love the game of baseball - I'm more of a tomboy than a girlie girl! Jeans and over-sized shirts suit me; flip flops and running shoes - by the way I'm a runner. 

Where did the name "CreoleSha" come from? What does it mean?

My sister Debbie actually dreamed up the name. CreoleSha meaning "Southern Girl" for short. Well, Creole would be referring to someone from Louisiana - mainly around the New Orleans area. Sha (meaning girl & some refer to sha as cute.)
One might say: "Come here sha" - meaning girl. or "Oh sha" - meaning cute. 

How would you describe your creations?

'A delicate mix of southern charm'

Most of my clothing would be 'casual living-type clothing'. I create mainly with jersey knit or cotton. I love clothes that flow freely on the body. Nothing scratchy or irritating to the skin. Something you can just throw on and go - no fuss. I love the earthy color palette, so most of my creations will draw from that.

What does handmade mean to you?

Well, it means something made with love :)
When I create, I put my heart and soul in my creations. So when you own a piece of clothing - you own a piece of my heart!

Where/ or who do you get your inspiration from?

One person would be Jill from Jill was one of my first customers and has inspired me from the beginning.
Another source of inspiration would be the south - the comfortable, laid back living of the people here. All of my supplies come from local vendors. My studio also sits over the water, so it is a very peaceful place to create.
I also draw inspiration from my mom, who is now deceased, but her memory lives on in my creations.


Where do you see yourself/your business in 10 years?

Creating of course :) 
I would like to keep creating the type clothing that I currently am designing, but I would like to create some really high end pieces - more works of art.
Time does not allow for that right now. I would also like to teach others to create from their heart - not sure if you can teach that but I think you can.
I have a studio that sits over the water, with land to build a few more, and this is where I would like to teach. It would be like a mini getaway retreat experience!

Thanks for such an inspiring interview, Wendy!!
Be sure to check out her southern inspired Etsy Shop, CreoleSha, right here!
Enjoy <3

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