Monday, August 22, 2011

Silhouettes: Addicted!

  A custom silhouette design for a customer...they put it on tags & cookies for a Sweet 16! How cute!

So my graphic designs have been doing amazing!! Customers are so clever and imaginative...
Lately, my silhouettes have been really taking off and I am in LOVE with them!
They are SO much fun to customize and make...
I just added a color chart of the colors available and people can always customize them...

These are great personal and commercial projects. You can use them for digital scrapbooking, iron-on transfers, invitations, announcements and so much more! I don't worry about licensing and blah blah...
Once you buy them, have fun, I really don't care...just don't resell :)

Here are some examples of ones I have made!


 My girl silhouettes...I heart them. They remind me of modern young ladies/teens.
I use them for all of my design projects that require silhouettes...aren't they sweet?!

Yup...I'm officially addicted to all things silhouette!!

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