Thursday, May 12, 2011

Updates & Fun Dates :)

First thing is first, I am totally sorry for being a bloggy slacker!
Oh my word, how long has it been? You're right...too long!

I have been working on a lot of off-line projects, but also re-doing my official website and shop.
For the record, I am still on Etsy!!! LOL
A lot of people have wondered if I was giving up Etsy all together...the answer is no.
I was, however, doing some filtering.
So here is how things are broken down now:

A.) If you are looking for custom banners/avatars/artwork for your shop or blog,
you can find my products and services in my Etsy shop:
My Etsy shop will no longer feature my original artwork...

B.) If you are still interested in my original artwork and paintings, prints, bookmarks, cards etc.
please visit my official website at
and check out my own online shop there.

The reason for these changes was because of many different reasons. I love Etsy, but for artwork and such, it is hard to sell and make available to people outside of the Etsy circles.

Anyways, another update is I will be eventually organizing this blog more, as far as having a set theme for each day. I haven't yet decided what I wanted to do, but every day will have a specific topic and my posts each day will go along with those topics. I did not forget those interested in being featured!!

Here are some things coming up that you can check out about my art:

"Art on the Lawn" May 21st, 9am-4pm, 141 Main Street in Agawam MA
(in front of the Main St Deli)
Come meet local artists and crafters and browse great handmade work!
Sponsored by Hidden Treasures, a local shop exclusively featuring local artisans.

I will be featuring a blog giveaway for my good friend Stephanie on her blog, Luxe Boulevard. This will take place on May 23rd!!

So, until I have finished my organizing, things may seem a little scattered apologies!
But I think I am going in a direction with more opportunity for everyone :)

Keep these dates in mind and don't forget to check out my new shop on my website, I want to hear your thoughts <3


  1. I will be sure to check out the giveaway, I am a new follower from Agape Love Designs!

  2. Hi Sarah!! Welcome, I'm so happy you joined me in my crazy little part of the web :)


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