Sunday, May 1, 2011

Operation Shop Cleaning: Re-designing My Store

Good morning ya'll!!

I have been so terrible at blogging sorry! I am rearranging somethings and hopefully will be getting back in the swing of blogging soon. So don't worry...I am still here :)

Okay, so, first point to this post is to tell you about my shop downsizing project!
I have had great customers and I have learned what they want from my shop.
Therefore, I desperately need to clean house on some things that haven't sold yet...ya feel me?

I am having a spring cleaning sale that is prob going to go until June lol
The date I am not sure yet, but I need your help to spring clean my shop!!
When you use coupon code SHOPCLEAN11, you'll receive 60% off your entire purchase!!
This discount goes for 100 items...everything except for my design services.

My shop is going to be strictly my design services, so everything else must go!
I am moving these other items to my official website, where I am working on a more efficient and user-friendly store there. I'll still be on Etsy, but I am branching out more to reach those customers who have had a hard time with the Etsy system and site...

This brings me to my second point of this post.
Do you love shopping?? I am looking for 3 volunteers that can help me troubleshoot my website's new online shop before I launch it. It's a short and easy task, will cost nothing and you'll be helping by giving me a play by play like a real shopper. Would love to have volunteers by tomorrow or Tues!!! Comment below if interested in helping and I'll message you the details!
 Okay, I am pretty sure that is all for now...but stay tuned and plugged in, more great things to come :)
If you would like to visit my official website, go to
I have the shop-test up, where you can browse but please do not buy!!!


  1. awesome girly! That is an amazing discount!! :)

  2. Thanks Maria! Praying for some good shop cleaning to happen lol

  3. SWEET!!! Heading over to check it all out!!! :)

    BTW I'm following you and Maria from Agape Love Designs sent me over!! :)

  4. Welcome!! Thanks for following, I really appreciate it :)


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