Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Finally: A Schedule!!

Hey everyone, hope your weekend was amazing!
I didn't have a chance to post because my lil' sister Leani graduated from Lyndon State College on Sunday, yay!! She now has a Bachelor's Degree in English...so, so happy and proud of her. She has worked super hard and I am praying that the Lord will now bless her with an amazing job to top it all off...pray along with me, she and I would appreciate it :)
Just a little plug for her, here is her official website where you can check out her qualifications and projects:
She offers a wide range of writing services including book query writing, proofreading, content editing, book reviews, copyediting and more!
(--->Proud big sis right here<---)

Okay, next on my list to discuss is that "schedule" I talked about a post or so ago.
I have kind of a polished way I am going to post things. Obviously, I can do what I want lol, so things might change from this. But without further ado, here is what you have to look forward to (I want to start this by next week...we shall see!):

MEGA MONDAYS: Announcements, updates, new giveaways and discounts. This is when I tell you anything cool and awesome that will be going down.

SHINE-ON TUESDAYS: Featured Shops/Owners/Artists/Creative Peeps. Tuesdays will be when I post something about someone amazing that I want to introduce to you all.
This also may be the day if and when I have guest bloggers.
I also will implement a "Quote of the Week" which will give you a little bright light for the week :)

WEDNESDAYS: Random day! I may just post something cool I found while surfing around the net or Etsy, a poem or inspirational piece, fun projects or anything I feel like sharing.

THURSDAYS: Share a current art or writing project that I am working on. This will also be the day if I have an tutorials or behind-the-studio action.

FABRIC FRIDAYS: Yesss! Fabric Fridays will be official. I know a lot of people loved this, so I will be bringing it back. Just sharing any amazing, colorful, fun fabrics that I have or have found. Fabrics can be so beautiful and inspirational, love it!

STAND-OUT SATURDAYS: This will be a random spotlight day! I will randomly select a creative person, shop or blog that I admire and share their work.

INSPIRATIONAL SUNDAYS: This day will be totally dedicated to the Lord Jesus and His Word. I will most likely provide a "Scripture of the Day" and share something that God ministered to my heart during the past week. Will be very heartfelt and personal.
I will also use this day to announce any blog giveaway winners, which will be a nice ending to the week
and great beginning for another MEGA MONDAY :)

All right, that is all for now! I hope this schedule will stick. Please, if you have any comments or suggestions, let me know! I want this blog to be a success and that can only happen if  you are enjoying yourself.
Thanks for your time, Love ya guys!! <3

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