Monday, May 23, 2011

MEGA MONDAY: My first one :)

Welcome to the first-ever Mega Monday post

So many great things in store and I just can't wait to share them with you all :)
First thing is first, I am sponsoring a giveaway on my bloggy friend Stephanie's blog, Luxe Boulevard.
Here is what you could win!!!

An 8x10 inspirational print from my Art By Jacy Shop!
This print is available in a couple of colors which the winner can choose from.

So head on over to Luxe Boulevard to read my little cool writeup and about this awesome giveaway.

How sweet is that?!  So sweet, I know...

Also, as a little special thank you, use coupon code BLOGLOVE
for 15% off of my Art By Jacy shop!
Just 'cuz I love ya :)

There are many different things I have been getting into lately...and putting together a newsletter is one of them. In the newsletter, I will be emailing my amazing customers and fans important event dates, special discount codes, and promotional info.

I am hoping this will inform my customers more about my business and get them involved in what is going on...
if you would like to have your email added to my long-excited list of amazing people,
please comment and leave it below :)

Oh and lastly, tomorrow is supposed to be my new Shine-On Tuesday, featuring an awesome shop/artist.
So if you would like to be featured on Shine-On Tuesdays, comment below with your email and I will be in touch.

The Shine-On posts will promote your current business/artwork/craft and have a little background about why you are so flippin' again, comment below with your email if interested, thanks ya'll!

Wow, so exciting! I love making announcements hehe

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