Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to Stay Positive on a Unsure Path

Okay so I know we had lots of fun posts this week..I want to just talk a little about how you can stay positive today even if your standing on unsure ground.

This morning during prayer, I asked the Lord to direct my projects because I was starting to feel overwhelmed by the lack of a clear, solid you ever feel like that? When you want to do so much, but the path isn't as smooth as you need it to be?

God just brought this analogy to my mind as I was typing 
(He does that a lot!)
Picture the path that we are on is a sidewalk in between seasons. The piles of snow are melted & we see all the junk that was left from the season before. Dirty leaves, mud, yellow grass and even someone's empty soda can. We see the stuff from the past. We would like to walk down the sidewalk, but with all that gross junk, it doesn't seem's discouraging, so instead, we turn around and go home.

We go home forgetting that the season has changed, and it is a new day! 
The sun is shining and the path will soon be clear for us to walk down. I just want to tell you:
Don't let yesterday's junk be today's stumbling block!

Spring forward even if the path is cloudy and yucky, that act of faith to step out will boost your soul closer to happiness.
I am reminded of Peter when he saw Jesus walking on the water. Peter got so excited that he called out to the Lord and asked if he could walk out too. Jesus said "Come" and Peter took that step of faith out onto the crashing waves! He was fine until he looked down, and realized his human inadequacy. See, Peter knew that no real human being could walk on the water, and that made him doubt his actions. Peter began to sank, but Jesus reached out and grabbed his hand.
Jesus then asked Peter "O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Matthew 14:31

Don't look down if you are walking ahead!
What kind of perspective is that for your eyes? If you are constantly obsessing about where your going to put your feet and where they are going to land, you are going to get discouraged by all the junk your standing on.

Remember that life is a process and everything in life has it's own process.
Enjoy the process!!

Yes, you will get discouraged. Yes, things may get confusing. But do not give up and do not turn around to go back home! You got this far, so just step out with your head high and tell yourself that you can do it!

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