Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who needs to clean & cook?!

The contrast is very bright in this pic...I'm really not this pale!

So you know when your trying to do something and your sort of just rushing through it so you can get to what you actually want to do? Ugh that's what cooking and cleaning have been doing to me lately!
I never had a problem before with organizing my time, but now that I am home I just want to create the day away and forget all the "important" grown up stuff. But if I do that, the rest of the house suffers (my amazing husband Jonathan and our Siberian Husky Jackie)

I've been trying to think of quick meals for Jonathan to take to work. He's on 2nd shift so before he leaves, I pretty much have to have 3 meals done before 2pm! Isn't that crazy? He is not picky and is a sweetheart, would never demand this from me. But I don't want him to east cereal 3 meals a day haha

Anyone want some stirfry from a bag?! I was hesitant to buy it at first, but take a look at the pics...and yes, it is as good as it looks! (The white rice was not from the bag, I just made that as a little bed for the stirfry to rest on hehe)

Wish she would help a little...taking up space where I usually have to stand!

But look at that face!...*sigh* All right, she can stay there :) (I always cave with those eyes!)

Wala! In well under 20 min, I prepared a hearty meal for my husband. Not sure how much nutrition is really in those frozen bag meals, but it sure looks good!
Now...if only they sell a "clean bathroom in a bag"...would make things so much easier...


  1. Yeah, those aren't bad at all! I'm trying one tonight that's Orange Chicken. Not exactly the same as the ones that are just veggie stir-fry, so I'm hoping it's yummy, or at least decent!

    Careful over there, I think Jackie poses a health risk-- tripping hazard!

  2. Oh my word your dog is so cute! I am so going to have a Siberian husky one day! Why is it that dogs always have to be underfoot when you are cooking in the kitchen? I think they just like to be around people so much!

  3. @Honkus, yeah I might buy more of those bags lol Not for everyday of course but for those days I dread cooking...and yeah, Jackie is a hazard in many ways!! hehe ;)

    @Breaking Free, she makes me melt lol It's so true, dogs always have to be at your feet when your doing something...most of the time she even lays on top of my feet! haha


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