Monday, March 7, 2011

My Studio: Before & After

You know whenever someone used to say "I lost my marbles" I never understood what they meant...until now! Before in my studio, I was misplacing everything. I knew where mostly everything was, but when it came to search for the little things that I had put down somewhere months ago, I could not unearth where they were!

Enough was enough! Since being laid off, my mind has been more scattered than two squirrels fighting over a nut. Boy did I feel nutty. March 2nd, last week, marked the anniversary of me being laid off a full 3 months! Wow! I can remember the day I was let go, that very afternoon I cleaned out my studio ready to work on my art full time. Then I got into projects and then everything was a mess...well, check it out for yourself!


Piles of clothes that need a button or whatever. Piles on a desk I once had. Piles and piles and piles!! Ugh. So I spent over 7 hours on Saturday cleaning, organizing and sorting. Lots of work but I am finally proud of my studio!


Ah much better!!


  1. It looks fantastic - still vibrant and full of interesting nooks and crannies. I want to have a good look at all your supplies! xx

  2. Haha yes I love color and filling my space with thing that inspire and motivate me. Someday I will post more up-close photos, just for you :)


  3. Oh my idk how long it took to get the after but it is well worth it! Keep trying, you'll get there. And it will feel great!

  4. Don't you love when it's all organized?! Great job. Now you just have to keep it that way... ;)

  5. Lauren, that has been my phrase since cleaning it!

  6. haha you are ao cute and funny! LOL I TOO have been working on my craft room/studio!! Although I am still NOT done yet! :( But I took pics and will post them soon! It must be getting close to spring, cause you me and a couple other crafters I know are all working on or have just finished cleaning their spaces! HAHA :)

    btw Is that a Jesus painting I see? Cause wow, I love it!

  7. Maria,
    It is great having everything clean and organized! After the winter we had, we need it lol Can't wait to see yours :)

    Yes it is a painting of Jesus. I actually was practicing a technique of painting Him upside down, and when I turned it right side up, that is what I got...kind of took me breath away! God is so good <3
    I'll try and email you a pic upclose ;)


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