Thursday, March 10, 2011

Need a Banner? Do you have 5 bucks? You're in luck!

Okay soooo excited about this!
I am offering my banner design services for only, get this, 
5 dollars! That's right yo :)
For just $5 buckaroos, you can get a custom banner designed for your shop or blog.
This includes a one of a kind custom banner complete with unlimited revisions!
Isn't that nuts? Am I nuts? Yeah probably...

I am just baffled by some of the banner prices out there, and I want to give back to my fellow artisian/crafter friends. I already have 2 satisfied customers (3 inclu. myself hehe)
If you are interested in purchasing a custom shop or blog banner for 5 bucks,

Come on, 5 dollars?! You can skip that large mocha delite and buy yourself something nice!


  1. Newest follower! Maria from Agape Love Designs sent me! :) Feel free to follow me back!

    - Ashley

  2. That is a crazy-good price. And it's a beauty too!

  3. @ Ashley, yay! Welcome :)

    @ Gilded Lilies, thanks! Just giving back to the community that all of you guys!


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