Monday, March 14, 2011

Computer M.I.A

So I had a fun filled weekend, what about you??
Started off with Friday morning with my computer acting all weird and funky (of course right after I get inquiries about my banner services!)
Thank the Lord I have a husband who knows how to build computers and I have my laptop. The main issue was that I needed photoshop badly! My laptop didn't have it and our photoshop cd didn't work :/
But I married a genius and he set me up with a temp photoshop 30 day trial, which will hold me over until we get the actual program! Smart huh? I was so happy because just as I got my laptop setup to work, and was relieved that all of my files were saved on the external drive, I received 2 banner sales!
I miss my main computer but I am so blessed that I have a laptop and all my files were not lost :)
Here how my temp work situation looks like...pretty sad haha...

Come on, you gotta love the ironing board! Actually I use this board a lot but mainly for trimming and labeling work because I love the natural sun by the window hehe
Now with the laptop though, I work either on the sofa or our king size bed! Yeah like I'm going to chill on an ironing board for more than 8 hours haha...

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