Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making Hand-drawn Cards

Well you know the old saying: When life gives you lemons, you make orange juice!

My temp desk situation (re: awesome ironing board) hasn't gotten me down or made me less creative. In fact, I feel it is enhancing my creativity. Let's just say, the whole thing is ironing out a few wrinkles...I know, cheesy lol

So I have been using my trusting ironing board desk to make some hand-drawn cards! I love the idea of small OOAK (one of a kind) hand-drawn cards that people can buy and not only support the handmade movement but also give something special and unique to someone else...or keep for themselves.

To make the size for the card totally depends on what you want. I wanted my cards to be smaller than the standard. So I used half of an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of white cardstock, which measures an almost perfect 5" x 7"...

To make things a little even, I cut it down to 5" x 6" and measured accordingly (see above photo) Each side measures 5" in width and 3" in length. Makes the perfect cute little bitty card! I went paper trimmer crazy and cut a bunch of pre-made cards, all ready to be Jacyfied! (That's right)

Ready to go all out now! I don't know about you, just seeing a stack of plain white paper is like Christmas morning for me. I loveeeee plain paper and knowing it can be anything I want!


This is my pencil box that I've had since probably middle school. I love it. You can even still see the reminisce of my boy band crushes from back in the day, their names scribbled on the sides when I used to proclaim my love for them in public (Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake, I still heart you!)

I just sketch what I want in pencil, then use a thin sharpie or Martha Stewart craft pen and color with colored pencils. It's so fun and fresh, and brings me back to my roots of pencil sketching and doodling. An artist should never forget the basics!

Now...where did I put my NKOTB eraser....

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