Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Coming...!

Alrighty then! Spring is almost here and I was sooo excited to take a walk with my puppy today in 50 degree weather, yay!! The huge mounds of snow around our Enfield, CT condo were causing massive streams (and nice mud to be tracked inside.) Jackie, our one year old Siberian Husky, was having a blast jumping the mounds and running on the top of all the snow lol It was a is a picture of her burying her face into the cold stuff on our way inside after a 45 minute walk. Needless to say, someone doesn't want spring to come :)

Which reminds me how much I miss the springtime! I feel like maybe this is why my inspiration has been feeling a little dried up lately. With winter, of course its beautiful and I love the holiday season, but being confined inside is like putting my artsy brain in the freezer for like 5 months...brain freezeeee!! I really think that the lack of sunshine and warmth has caused me to stiffen up art wise. It takes extra effort to be motivated which right now I am losing the battle! lol

Well I feel good today though! The weather really perked up my spirits and I am thanking the Lord for what this next season is going to bring. I have a feeling that this spring and summer is going to be the best for my business, and my mentality lol
I was pretty motivated today...took Jackie for a walk, did a load of laundry, updated my blog banner & created a treasury! Not bad for a couple of hours of work...

So here is my latest treasury. I call it "PEACE.LOVE.ART." I loveeee it!!! It's so fun and colorful and overall me anyway :)

And here are some items that are featured. I really enjoyed all of the ones in the treasury, and I am so happy with how everything looks together! There are so many creative people on Etsy it is unreal...


If you really like the treasury, please comment & share!!
~Blessings & Hugs~

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