Monday, February 23, 2015

Grow Your Shop Series: 3 Ways To Make More Sales

Hey beauties! This is the last post for our Grow Your Shop Series and it's one I know we all talk about. (If you've missed the other posts, find them here, here and here.) Sure we love what we do and being creative but the bottom line is we need sales to grow. This money helps fund our passions so without sales...well, it's really really hard to make ends meet. I've broken down what I want to share in 3 categories so let's go!


A huge myth in the handmade movement is that we have to be secretive about our craft so "others don't copy." I might get beheaded for this but don't worry so much about that! As a creative person, you received some sort of inspiration from someone else down the I right? I'm not telling you to share the ingredients to your secret successful recipes but what I am saying is don't be afraid to share sneak peeks at your process, your work space and your new projects. I LOVE Instagram for this reason because that's what my customers like and what I like. It's awesome to follow brands I adore and feel like I'm getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how they work. It helps me feel more a part of what they are doing and I'll want to buy something not only because I love it but I want to continue supporting such an awesome shop.


Obviously you're aware of how awesome your shop is but you have to get out there and speak up. Getting more sales is so much more than listing items and praying someone finds it. Here are two things I've done that has helped bring in sales and long lasting customers:
- Collaborate with other shops or brands. Do a project together in exchange for free promotion on each others social media accounts. Customers are real people and as people crave community.
- Guest spot and blog ads. This is one of my favorites because it takes your shop and puts it in a storefront like in the mall. Find blogs you love with a great following and active readers. If they don't provide sidebar advertising or guest post options, email them politely asking if they would consider it. Writing a guest post on a blog shares what you do and who you are. Sidebar ads are like mini billboards on the internet. Any traffic is good traffic and ads are very good traffic.


It may sound weird when I say give something free away to get more sales...but it's true. Having a giveaway or a contest for one of your items whether through your social media, website or someone else's is a great idea. You want people to know about you but most importantly to remember you. Many times it's required that people follow your shop or social media accounts to enter. This boosts your follower numbers which will in turn increase the number of people who see your posts. More than that, you're reaching out to people and being generous. When a shop owner is seen as generous, people start caring more about them. Sure some might just follow to enter because they want free stuff then unfollow after the contest is over. Don't worry about that. The entire point is getting your brand out there and sharing your awesome talent with everyone. Blessing a lucky winner with free stuff will get your shop noticed for sure.

Keep in mind that not every follower will be a customer. That's fine! The key is to branch out so far that more people will see your brand and increase the likelihood of future sales. Oh and a bonus: list often!! I always notice a boost in my shop views and sales when I list a few times a week. If you have enough inventory to list items one to three times a day, do it! List an item in the morning, then afternoon, then night. I list a couple times a week and believe it is essential to showing people that your shop is alive and constantly spitting out items like a boss.

So be active, share who you are and what you do, remember your audience and list like crazy. May the force be with you, grasshopper. (er yeah, just good luck!)

Have any questions about sales, this post or the entire series? Let me know below, I'd love to help!

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