Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Revealed: New Graphic Tees Designs

Welcome to the first ever Studio Wednesday! I'm so excited to take this day of the week to highlight the amazing things going on in the Hello Awesome Shop. Last weekend I was blessed with 6 lovely ladies who graciously agreed to be the official models for the new graphic tee line coming out this month.

I did launch a few shirts earlier this year. You might remember this post featuring the worst selfie in history . Learning how to screen print was amazing and will sure come in handy with future products. However I found I would get anxiety with each order because I wanted each tee design to look like the next. Yes, handmade is unique and that's one of the best qualities about the industry. Yet I had to think about my customers and what would satisfy them.

Now, I'll be re-launching Hello Awesome Tees! There's a local handmade screen printing shop in my town run by a husband and a wife creative team. Outsourcing the printing has been amazing and the quality is so much higher. 6 designs will be coming out, some original and some revised:
  • LOVE beats FEAR
  • Refused to Sink
  • Girl compete, Ladies uplift
  • Tried through the fire, shining like a diamond
  • Bloom where you are planted
  • Wake up & make stuff

Let me take a moment to gush about this girl. Sarah is not only a great friend of mine but she is such a talented young woman!! Super crafty, handy with a camera and crazy adorable style. Seriously, she's taking me under her wing. Her love for God is so empowering and encouraging as it shows through everything she does. I was so blessed to work with her during this shoot especially since I know from our family portraits that these photos for the shop would be amazing. If you're in the New England area, check out J&S Photography. And if you're on Instagram, you need to be following Hazel_and_Bean. She makes and sells the sweetest things.
I'll be announcing the launch date for the tees very soon along with a follow up post featuring the final photo shoot shots. Eeekkk...dreams are flourishing into reality. I'm so excited!

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