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Modest Fashion Feature: PK Chicks

Recently I had the privilege of connecting with two amazing young ladies all the way from across the states! Californians Stephanie and Nicole are the duo behind the beautiful online shop PK Chicks. They wanted a fashion sketch done and I couldn't have been more excited! It is definitely my favorite commission piece so far. I absolutely love their clothes and product selection too. So much so, I wore a soft black tulle skirt from their shop during our Hello Awesome Tees photoshoot:

Since today is Fabric Fun Friday, I decided to change it up by featuring their lovely style and interviewing them for an inside scoop about who they are and why they do what they do! 

I know what "Pkid Chicks" means but can you explain it for us? How did you come about choosing that as a business name? 
When we first chose a "name" we started brain storming ideas on what we felt represented us. We wanted something that could identify both of us and was different. Amongst many other there was something about P.Kid Chicks that was different. It stood out it's own unique way but mostly it felt like us. As some people know a P.Kid or P.K is known as Pastors Kid or Preachers Kid. Our dad being a Pastor and sharing our like as P.K's is what gave us our name which some how "through the grace of God" developed into a business. Now it's not just who we are but a brand that represents who we've become.

Why is modest fashion so important to you?  
Modesty is something we live by and that's why it's so important. It's something I like to see as a life changing. Not only do we dress to the standards of the Bible but it's also a sacrifice we give to God. It's not easy dressing differently. It's challenging sometimes and the trends of the modern world tempt every young lady believer or non believer to fit their standard. We have been led by the fashion industry's yay or nay in clothing and although clothing might seem "superficial" there's such a deep meaning behind sacrificing what you would have worn for what you wear knowing that you represent Christ. That now your body is a holy temple and you should lead a holy life in all things. Modesty is a statement! We can show our faith through it and when applied both internal and externally; meaning being modest on the inside as well as spiritual modesty then things really start to make a difference. We can share our faith through fashion and any gateway that we have to share our faith with is an important one.

You're sisters. How is it working with each other?
We are the best team ever! It's weird how we use to not get along so well in our younger years. We are both so different and alike at the same time. It's the perfect mix and with out each other somethings are nearly impossible. P.Kid Chicks has definitely brought us closer together and it's powerful! Unity is powerful so united in one mind and one accord we are :)

I absolutely adore your shop! Have you ladies always loved fashion?
Yes! Always. As simple as it sounds, it's just so pretty. Fashion shows who we are. It's definitely not a necessity but if we can share what we like and help young ladies find modest clothing which is so hard now a days then our goal is met. 

Serious question alert: Do you find it hard to balance spiritual priorities with online business priorities?
It's hard as in there is a lot of work to do. There is always something pending or written on a note somewhere and yes sometimes business days interfere with church. However we have made it a priority to keep our schedules at church at priority. When your business becomes your ministry it's something you mesh with all your other ministries but prioritizing and realizing that there is time for everything places all things in order. As long as Jesus is the center and at the very top He guides you to fulfill your duties. Both of us are in the praise team amongst various other ministries and yes it gets hard. Sometimes we do have to be at other events (P.Kid Chicks wise) but when your church supports you and your still praising the Lord else where all things end up well for those who work for the Lord. 

You guys also blog, so amazing! Can you tell us a little bit about your T.M.M page, what it means and why you started it?  
Our blog is something we do kind of as a hobby and yet to reach out, give ideas and what not. Something we really wanted to do was make our website versatile and full of different information so one day as inspiration came TMM was born. TMM is short for, "The Modest Movement." A page where we wanted to share interviews and news on all Christ fearing brands, bloggers, youtubers, etc. All in one place where there could be as sense of unity as there should be. The world has shown us to compete and even though that is the way of business "secular wise" we don't see it that way. There should be no competition, instead a realization that we are all working for the same cause. It's not about popularity or money or who's "cooler" it's about reaching the lost, spreading the gospel and creating a movement so great that the world can't help but notice. We are the body of Christ. TMM is the unity we should have and the unity we hope to encourage.

If you could give one piece of advice to a young aspiring Christian entrepreneur, what would it be?
To go go go! We will be the first to say yes! However, one thing lies before. Prayer. Make sure this is what God wants for you. It's such a mess when we go against Gods will and although our ideas might sound pretty He knows best. We have to sincerely consider if Gods plan aligns with our desire. If so and trust us you will know then yes! Work hard because in the end all you do is for the Lord. Don't focus on numbers or money. Stay humble and let God inspire you. Nothing good comes to us just because. He is in charge so let Him lead you and whatever you do will be a great thing! Remember that God can use anything as a tool to spread His word so don't limit Him. We have a limitless God!

Any specials, sales, fun stuff you'd like to share about your shop and/or blog?
We are actually hosting a back to school sale very soon ;) and yes we have some more surprises coming in August. Personalized P.Kid Chicks products will be in store, our first vlog video and we just continue to grow. God willing we will be featured in a new Pentecostal Magazine running across all the churches in England, we're very excited for that! And  to think that this is still just the beginning.

Anything else you'd like to add or share? The spotlight is on, girls!
We'd just like to share that God is amazing. He is our drive, our passion our motivation. Without Him nothing, nothing we are or do could be possible so above all things Jesus is the most important thing. Never lose focus, we must keep fighting the good fight. We NEED to win this race. To our fellow readers keep running and stay strong the Lord has greater plans that what we can imagine. All we need to do is be willing to go when He says go. Be fearless, courageous and spread His word like today is the last day. Our work is not done so lets give it all we got!
After learning more about these wonderful ladies of God, I love them even more! So on fire for Christ and inspiring. Be sure to check out their links below and follow them via social media!!
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