Thursday, August 14, 2014

Breakout Shop: Happy Sack


Happy Thurday ya'll! Can I just say this week has been nuts? Being home with the boy sick all week...I'm so ready for a vacation. The worst part was trying to occupy our time without the tube on. I honestly wished I had a dozen of Shelby's amazing Happy Sacks! She is a fellow Storenvy shop owner and creates high quality handmade hacky sacks. They make great sensory toys for toddlers and also can be used the standard way. I know David would love them. Her shop is just breaking out and being a fellow work-at-home mama, I thought it would be fun to interview Shelby about her passion and share it with you all!

Tell us a little bit about your shop name and how it came about.
Originally I was only going to sell standard hacky sacks in my store. I wanted a name that was cute but my fans and customers could easily tell what I was selling. One of the first hacky sacks I made was from an orange creamsicle colored yarn. when I gave it to my daughter to play with she got really happy and started clapping. It was a hacky sack that made her happy, so I decided to go with the name Happy Sack.

Every creative person has something or someone that drives their passion. What or who is your primary inspiration?
I started by making a couple of balls for my daughter. My husband thought they would make great hacky sacks. So I changed the filling a few times and my husband tested them until I had a great hacky sack. My daughter tested my creations until I had a great Toddler Ball. I wouldn't have a store if it wasn't for my husband and daughter.

What is your favorite thing about being a shop owner?
I think my favorite thing is the flexibility. I stay home with my daughter most days so a 9 to 5 working day is not practical. I love that as an online shop owner I can work early in the morning and late a night when my daughter is asleep. I can also use my phone to connect with fans on social media at odd times in the day and still be with my daughter.

If you had three business wishes, what would they be? (I would probably wish for more! ha!)
My biggest wish would be more time in a day! There never seems to be enough. The second would be more colors to the yarn I use. I have a cotton yarn addiction that is fulfilled/fueled by my shop. The third would be a web design fairy. I am great at crocheting balls and improving my photography but my online image could use some work.

You are a working mama, as am I. Share with us a funny story or piece of advice for how to keep everything together! lol
As a mom working at home I've noticed I sometimes need separation. Most days I multitask. I'll crochet or tweet while my daughter is nursing. But I realized about a week ago that I need to have days where I'm not multitasking. So I'm starting to have one day a week where I don't do anything about Happy Sack. No emails or anything. I just spend time with my family. Another day a week I'll take my daughter over to one of her grandparents for a few hours and focus on Happy Sack. I do a lot and a couple hours a week to myself really help me keep my sanity.

Spotlight is on you, girl. Anything else you'd like to say?
I love my family and I enjoy making every item that is in my shop. I love seeing how much my daughter enjoys the balls that I make. I would love to spread that joy that I see on her face to other children.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story, Shelby! I'll definitely be ordering from you soon for the next sick day :) 
To connect with her and purchase a handmade hacky sack for your little one, follow the links below.

Shelby is also super awesome for offering all Hello Awesome readers a 15% off promo code!  
Use code AWESOME at checkout, good until September 9th.

This post is sponsored by the sweet Simply Love 

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