Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DIY Kitchen Palette Shelf

There's this area right across the street from our church where people pile stuff they don't want. The last time was this amazing table we picked up for our son's train set. As we were driving away from church a few weeks ago, I noticed a couple of palettes on the side of the road. Holla!

It took me a few weeks to decide that I needed a palette shelf. So with the help of my handy husband, here's how to create one for yourself!

You'll need:
Palette (duh)
Nail gun or hammer and nails
Sandpaper (optional)
Drill and screws

I planned out how I wanted the shelf to look and where the cuts should be. The top photo shows where to cut with the saw. Use a pencil to mark the wood. Use the saw to cut along those lines. Here's an easy overview: Count two rows of palette boards down and cut across the left and center vertical boards. On the right side of the center board, cut all the way down, both top boards and bottom boards.

You'll have extra boards left over, which no complaints there right? Choose two of the extra boards and secure them as the shelf bottoms with the nail gun. Also, most palettes have old nails so make sure to add some new ones for support all over.

Hanging up your palette can be done a number of ways. I encourage you to find a way that works for you. My husband used the stud finder and just drilled it right to the wall. I was totally fine with that.

Before, that wall was okay but now it's a piece of art! I loved the wood look but it can be sanded and painted too. We have plans on making this corner a coffee and tea area. I'm even more excited to see it decorated in cute white mugs and maybe a witty sign from the shop!

Okay, now be honest. Are you sick of palette projects/items yet or is it still a hot trend? 'Cuz we just got a truck load (not kidding, like 14 to be exact) of palettes sitting in our garage right now and we're drooling over the possibilities.


  1. I love this so much! I must do this!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing useful post. I liked your kitchen shelf so I want to make same as your shelf for my kitchen. One day I was trying to make a shelf but I couldn't do that. And I purchased shelving for a website so now after your post I want to make again this with my own hands. I make sure as your post I'll be doing this easily.


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