Monday, July 14, 2014

3 Things To Remember When Changing Your Brand Name

Guys, I have a confession. It's been about a week since I posted last. In the blogging world, I should be dead but alas that's not the case. Honestly, I was pondering how I was going to transform this little space...again. The one consistent thing about running this blog is how inconsistent it's been. This is the part where I normally would beg for forgiveness and make up some excuse about being busy in the "real world." Truthfully...I needed time to think.

You may notice some changes around here and it's probably going to stay that way for a long, long time. The sidebar is all cleaned up and categories easy to access. New profile pic, header layout, appropriate's almost professional up in here! But then again I'm running the show, so good luck. Actually, this works out perfect because I've had this topic sitting in my drafts for like ever. This past February I changed my blog name and it was the best thing. Things clicked for me and all of my years of blogging and running an online shop made sense. Finally. 

Whether you have a blog, shop or both, your brand is important. What do I mean by brand? It's the overall essence of who you are and what you do. And all of that has to nicely fit into a name that speaks about that essence. No pressure. However, these are 3 things to remember when changing your brand name. If you are finding yourself not happy with the title of your blog, shop or business, then you need to stop and take some time figuring out your purpose.

Keep it simple.

When I was debating about changing my brand name, I knew it had to be something everyone could relate to. Both of my previous names had my actual name in it (Art By Jacy, Jacy Lee Pulford). This didn't tell new customers or readers anything about what I was offering! These names didn't sound catchy nor were they reflective of my personality. When choosing a name, go with something that will highlight who you are, not just what you do. It's was easy to put "Art By Jacy" because, duh, tha's what I did and that was my name. But art can mean so many things to so many people and nothing to some people. I had to think of a clear message, appeal to a fresh audience and love it for a really long time. Try not to add more than 4 words to your brand name. Choose something that will be memorable.

Customer contact.

After you have survived the process of choosing your brand name, it's time to implement the change. Pick a date and make that an official relaunch event. Tell your readers, post about it, share it on social media, send it out in the next newsletter...make sure that those who are following you now will be able to find you when your name changes. This includes making sure they are aware of the new url address and any new social media handles. Not connecting with your customers or readers will be damaging to your brand. Take the time and reach out.

Embrace it.

Go all in and be it! Try to avoid being apologetic about changing. Change is some times good and especially when your streamlining a brand. The new name is your new identity and though you might be fearful of the unknown, if you love it, there's nothing to fear. Yes, there will be a moment when you transition things might seem slow. Keep plugging away and embracing the new identity of your brand.

If you're not confident in what you're doing, no one else will be either. Let go of the insecurities and remember that if your brand is not reflecting you, then who is running the show? It's not enough to be passionate about your blog or shop. You must be passionate about your message and the way your brand speaks to people. It's okay to want to change. It's easy to feel like you're stuck but believe me, that's far from the truth! Take a break and refocus.

For me, the decision to change the name came about because if I was going to be working my behind off, I wanted to have a brand name that would be worth the work. At the end of the day, the message needs to be clear, communicated to your followers and reflect the passion inside of you. "Hello Awesome" shows the positive side of my brand and it works!

Have you been thinking about changing your brand name? Nervous, excited, anxious? I'd love to chat about it in the comments! And feel free to shoot me any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

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