Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY No-Sew Skirt to Pillow Tutorial

Wow, it's been a long time since I've put together a tutorial for the blog! Let's change that. I've been working on some pretty cool stuff for the condo. You might remember this post when I shared all the DIY sneak peeks from our Master Bedroom Redo. To be honest, I'm terrible at remembering to take photos as I go when the creative crafty bug bites. I just want to see my idea come alive and be done. So I might have to actually draw some pictures instead of showing real photos for future tutorials...wouldn't that be a neat change? Hm, idea noted.

Today I'm going to share with you a ridiculously easy pillow tutorial using an old skirt! It's really so easy, you might get sick. So stop reading now and grab a bin. Things might get dicey (whatever that means. I just know cool people say it. Well, not anymore.)

Here's what you'll need:
  • pillow
  • old skirt
  • scissors (optional. I actually didn't use mine, ha!)
  • safety pins (important though not pictured. blogger fail.)
  • paint
  • brush
  • white pencil (optional.)

First, make sure your skirt is the same size or slightly larger than the pillow. You basically want the skirt to be a cover. A really skilled person with a sewing machine might undo all the seams, create a pattern and fit the pillow properly. Luckily, I'm impatient and though I have a sewing machine, I avoid it like the plague. All I did for this step was slip that bad boy into the skirt like I was dressing a mannequin. Worked for me.

Once the skirt is on the pillow, use the safety pins to secure the seams of the skirt. For the ends of the pillow, fold the two corners like an envelope (top left photo). Then lift up the middle flap, fold it over and pin on the inside of the edge (bottom photo). It will take some work to hide the pin if you wanted it hidden. Once you fold, tuck and pin the pillow is finished and ready for decorating! Do this for both sides. Note: my old skirt had a slit in the back. I just used the same tuck and pin method, folding the fabric enough that the pillow was completely covered.

I wanted a little script action in the center of the pillow so I decided to use the Spanish phrase "te amo" or "I love you." Being Puerto Rican and that the pillow is going in our bedroom, I thought it would be a sweet touch.  Use a white pencil to create guidelines or wing it. Either way, have fun!

Now sit back and enjoy your beautiful handy work! A couple of reasons why I chose this method:
  1. Um, it's crazy easy.
  2. I had everything on hand
  3. The pins come right out and the skirt cover can be thrown in the wash
Warning: you may not want to make this pillow for a children's room. At least, don't use this method. I knew this pillow was going to be more for show when I dress the bed and not really for lounging. If it were to be used more, well, like a real pillow then I would probably sew it. Probably.

Have you ever thought of upcycling old clothes into home decor items? I want to make more!

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  1. Beautiful cushions!! Everything is always better with hand stitching. Yay for a finish!!


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