Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear David...{When You Have To Stand Alone: Letter 16}

Dear David,

It boggles my mind that you are two years old now. As we celebrated this crazy milestone last month, I took a look back at all the great moments we've had with you. You've enriched our life in so many ways. The joy that naturally spills out of your character is contagious. Just thinking about one day that smile fading because of a trial in life breaks my heart.

I very much have been feeling like I'm in Mama Bear mode lately. Every family is different and will raise their children the way they see fit. There are definite morals and beliefs we'd love to instill in you. We will do what we can to show you the beautiful grace of God and what He wants you to know from His Word. This probably won't be a popular parenting avenue.

In a world that is so desperately in need of truth, there will be those among us that mean well but have been deceived. Whether it's a best friend or a family member, they may not agree with your convictions. Son, when you feel something in your spirit is not right, stop and ask God why. Yield to that still small voice. Even if it means sacrificing relationships and standing alone.

I feel that way about a lot of things at the moment. It can be very lonely standing up for something that few people accept. Even in little things, we can feel overwhelmed and pressure to cave in. So we don't have to stand out. So we can go back to being comfortable instead of being in the midst of the crossfire. But don't. Don't go back to being comfortable, son. When God tells you to stand up for what is right, it doesn't matter if you're the only one who thinks it's right. Because He is on your side!

So when you want to stand up and speak truth, do it. So when you feel the Lord tugging at your heart to give something up because it's competition for His affection, do it. When you feel everyone is against you like the prophet Stephen, aiming their stones right at you, ready to bring you destruction...just stand.

Because when you stand alone, you are never really alone. We serve a God that overcame the grave. He made Himself known by becoming flesh and giving His life for us. When we obey Him, even if no one else sees what you see...God sees. Even when no one else believes what you believe or hears what you hear or feels what you feel...He does. All of it. He is with you. And He will never leave you.

My David, I wish I could be Mama Bear all the days of your life. And I'll probably try. But you will grow and will be your own man some day. You will have experiences and create memories that will shape you. I just pray that deep inside you will pursue the path of righteousness in Jesus with everything you have. And in those moments when you have to stand alone, you will feel His presence. You will feel peace in the decision to yield to the Spirit.

Even if no one else wants to stand beside you.


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