Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spotlight Saturday {Linkup #1} >> NEW!

I am super duper excited today, guys!!

This may seem out of the blue, but I've been thinking about creating a weekly linkup for a while now. In the past, I've always used Saturdays to highlight my favorite things, share awesome blogs/shops/products, and interview bloggers/sellers. Here's an example of past Spotlight Saturdays, as well as here and here. It seems bloggers take weekends off and don't post too much. Yet I know I like to use Saturday to catch up on reading my favs and connecting.

Plus, what a great way to build community! To connect, chat, learn, grow,'s awesome sauce. I'll be sharing some of my favorite things from the week as well as sharing amazing things from sponsors and from people who linked up the previous week. I just want this to be one BIG sharing party. You good with that?

Good! Here are the simple guidelines if you'd like to participate:
- Linkup recipes, posts, your products or your blog and shop urls
- Please DO NOT linkup any social media account (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
- Play nice. There is a zero tolerance for bullies and mean people, k?
- Please link back to the linkup if you can (a button will be created soon)
- Feel free to share the linkup via your social media accounts
- Following my blog is appreciated but not required :)

Eventually I'd love to have co-hosts and such. Email me if interested!

Bottom line, beauties: have fun, stay in school, look both ways when you cross the street and use your manners, especially at the dinner table. Not sure what these have to do with linking up but they are very important. I'll start by posting one of my illustration prints from the shop. Did you know? They're back!! I can't wait to see what you put in the spotlight. Have a blessed weekend xoxo

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