Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How to Dominate Your To-Do List

If you are like me (or human in any way) you have a to-do list that just keeps on going. It seems the list is doing more harm than good, eating away at your sanity and consuming your precious thoughts. Have no fear! I'm sharing some simple steps that I personally use when I want to dominate tasks and take back my life. I'm not being dramatic at all, right?

Set a timer

It is not enough to just have a list of stuff that needs to get done. Whether it's a home to-do list or blog to-do list, use a timer to help dominate the tasks. Sometimes I set the timer for 10-15 minutes and start it. I allow myself that span of time to complete one task and when the timer goes off, I reset it for a different task. Of course this doesn't work for everything like cooking and laundry but it sure helps with smaller things like tidying the living room, putting clothing away or dusting.

Turn off your phone

Okay, I really recommend this if you have a home phone and are not running errands in town.  Tell your spouse you are turning off your cellphone and then do it. Just shut that baby down. If your phone is like mine, social media and email notifications are crazy distracting. I end up stopping in the middle of a task to check what happened and then 20 minutes later I look around and wonder where I am. Seriously, if you don't need it, keep it off. Or keep it on but in a separate room. You are less likely to go running across the hall in the middle of a task to check a Facebook notification.

Accountability partner

It is nice when you can remember to do things or actually be accountable for yourself but the reality is, we fall. When we have a to-do list that needs to be done in, sometimes it helps to have a partner in crime. Someone that sees you slipping and can whip you back into shape. Or if they don't live with you and can't see what you are doing, they can call you periodically throughout the day or once a day to check in. Yes, this may get annoying but that can actually help! You may want to finish tasks just to get them off your back. Most likely though, you will choose a spouse or a good friend who is supportive and wants you to succeed at drop-kicking those tasks.

Man up.

Just do it. Suck it up, sour puss, hike up your big girl boots and go work in the mud. Many times we use our to-do list as a crutch for our laziness. We add things to feel important and have some place to put them but never actually complete them. Enough. Stop wallowing, sniffling about how much you have to do and don't just make plans or talk about it but actually DO something! Call in reinforcements if necessary. Mama's, call grandma or auntie to watch the kid for an hour or two. Overwhelmed? I completely understand! I'm not saying you shouldn't feel the way you do but I am saying that something has to give. The list will always be there. You can however make it less work.

Remember, don't let your lists control you! They serve a purpose and that is to keep you organized and focused but not obsessed. I've seen many people beat themselves while trying to complete their to-do lists. They get fiesty. They get easily irritated and annoyed. They are not fun to be around and they seem to be doing it to themselves. And have no clue how they affect those around them.

Dominate your list by making a plan and sticking to it. Be the boss of your task, don't let your tasks boss you!

What are your methods to completing your to-do list?

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