Friday, April 5, 2013

Devotion: The Edge of Miraculous


  1. Occurring through divine or supernatural intervention. 
It was 3am on a Monday morning when I got the call. The one I've been waiting for, for what seemed like forever. Only it was only 9 months. I rushed around the house like a caffeinated zombie, gathering and packing. By 5am, my mother, my little sister, my baby and I were headed up North. We were going to have a new family member!

It was about 8:15 when we pulled up to Littleton Hospital in New Hampshire. When we had called the hospital before arriving to check in on the status of this exciting situation, we had been told that my middle sister and her fiance were busy. To us, that was code for she is pushing! Ah! By the time my mother scooted into the delivery room, less than 15 minutes later my beautiful nephew was welcomed into this world...

Later on that day, after spending a few hours enjoying our new little red-headed bundle, my youngest sis and I sat down at the kitchen table in my middle sister's apartment. A couple of unopened Chinese fortune cookies were staring at us in the face. I mean, who just leaves those things there? No, we don't EAT the cookies, silly...but we HAVE to read what the fortunes are, duhhhh! Am I right?

Though I don't advocate going by those fortunes {we don't want to go by anyone else's predictions about the future except for true prophecy in God's Holy Word and His own Voice}, I was a bit intrigued by my sister's cookie message. It read:

"We live at the edge of the miraculous."

She then asked me "What does that mean?" Not gonna lie, I had no clue. I liked it though and told her that I will find out. That got this Christian mind thinking. What is "the edge of the miraculous?"

The very definition of miraculous is something that occurs through a divine intervention
Let's break these definitions down:
Divine = anything from or of God
Intervention = interference

The miraculous is God bringing forth something wonderful that interferes with our lives.  

What we had experienced that day WAS definitely something miraculous! Pure, beautiful life!
It is a miracle how God can create and breath a new soul into this world. What is more is how He can form us from inside of the womb and delegate a specific plan for us, before we even utter our first cry. Everything God says and does is nothing short of miraculous!

We are at the edge of it every day. Whenever we wake up, laugh, shed tears, walk, talk, love and even work...we are at the edge of miraculous. To us, these have become mundane things. We take everything for granted because they seem to just happen on cue. But it had to start somewhere and God started it all! He made us, gave us life and has a plan for us all.
We don't have to think of something farfetched or out of this world when we think of the word "miraculous". The divinity of the Lord is showcased in every small thing, even cells and amoebas.

One atom showcases His Almighty power just as much as the very universe Earth rotates in! 

Today, take one minute. Seriously, time yourself. Look around you, open a window, take a deep breath. Observe. Reflect. Pray. Meditate. You are a miracle. Your life is miraculous. God is divinely intervening all the time and every single day. Be still and enjoy sitting at the edge of it.  


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