Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What Do You Know?

I've realized my blog in the past started getting away from art. Which is sad since that is part of my life and is what I do. Duh "Art By Jacy"!! I don't know why this happened, probably distracted by all the shiny things happening in blog world. Today I figured I'd share some new works with you that are up in the shop. The truth is, I need your opinion...

What do you think of these?? I've never done this type of style before but I'm kinda feeling them. The first one was definitely a hit with the handsome husband. I know I did good when he looks at the paper and blurts out "Wow!" *Pat on my back*

This is also a new style I'm trying and I am so excited about it. I am ADDICTED to quotes. Like, it's ridiculous. I want to start inspiring with art and words, which should tie in with me selling art and books. I'm loving the bright, fun colors too. Thoughts? I am also thinking about providing different colors too...kinda like the ones below...which brings me to my next question...

Have you been letting distractions or fears get in the way of your joy? My art is so important but for some reason I forget to share it with you guys. Is it because I fear you won't like this blog if I didn't offer linkys and giveaways? I want to get back to the heart of passion and to get real. And if I lose some of you along the way, it really shouldn't matter. It's not about that anyway {though I would be sad. honest.}

What do you know about your passion? Are you willing to share it or do you let fear steal your joy?

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