Monday, November 12, 2012

Girly-girl Bathroom Re-do {Phase 1}

Yup, I'm at it again...another creative idea. Who knew!

This time, it is a home decor project! Everybody say "heyyyy"...or nay...
Actually, I am quite excited about this one because it is for me this time. 
The last DIY home project was our Family Portrait Wall Mural and before that was David boy's Nursery.
I already told the Handsome that this bathroom was going to be my super-duper girly bathroom...I mean, doilies! lace! pink & mints! floral fabrics, unicorns and pixie dust! whoo!! and yes, he did roll his eyes...BUT he didn't stop me, mauhahaha...{cue the ugly before pics, pleuzzzz}

This is our half bathroom downstairs. As soon as you walk into our condo, it is the first door on your right...and the smallest thing you ever did see {can you tell from my camera angles?}
Okay, it may not be completely ugly, but definitely not put needs help, but luckily it has potential. The first thing I did was gather a bunch of inspirational things like fabrics, lace, ribbons, you know...girly stuff. I pretty much threw them in a pile on a chair...{blogger fail for not taking a pic of it. what?! I know}

Then I got this awesome idea for the walls!
I have already come to the conclusion that I cannot just do a "normal" {whatever that means} home decor project, such as paint the walls a solid, and then go simple with accents blah blah blah...I mean,. I could, but I had a better idea...that included a scalloped design. So I took some hard white cardboard, a ruler, embroidery hoop, pencil and my craft knife. I needed a template...

Tada. I'm fast, right?
Okay all I did was this, super easy...draw a straight line {got it?} Good.
Then take your hoop as a stencil, place it over the line and trace the inside. Then cut it out. That's it.
{Honestly, I took more pics, but it's kinda late and I really don't feel like posting each one, ha! #bloggerlaziness #dangright}

The template looks like this over the tape. Neat huh?
Take your knife, and lightly score around it so that the tape can peel off and leave that shape.

I was thinking about leaving it like this...looks better already...
Actually, I am definitely doing two tones; the top white and the bottom... well, we shall see...

What do you think so far? Any home projects you're currently working on?

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