Friday, June 1, 2012

Dishes, Laundry, Chores, Oh My!

Okay, truth.
I used to be a seriously type A clean freak...I mean for realz. I would actually hang up clothes and put them away! Crazy right?! Lately though, I've been a totally different person...basically a pig in a skirt.
As I look around I can't help but wonder how did I get like this? and when?

I cannot even use my lil' newborn muffin as an excuse. It started five years ago when I got my own place. Yup, that's the when...when I realized it was MY place...when I realized I made the rules...and when I realized I could put my stuff ANYWHERE and answer to NOBODY!

A year or two went by like this...until I got married.
Oh my. Now I had someone who would hold ME accountable...and I failed and am still failing. Don't get me wrong; I just learned to use the dishwasher and can keep up with dishes. Of course they wait a couple days before I notice they need washing. Also laundry gets washed...I just don't put clothes away until three days later.

I need an intervention, much like they do on How I Met Your Mother. Only less cooler. Actually, it seems like every time I get into the groove of cleaning and finally feel a bit like my old OCD self, something happens. I guess that's life. There is a balance. The old me wasn't healthy and neither is the present me. It's two extremes. What I do feel now, I wouldn't trade for anything! Peace. Contentment. Things I had a hard time feeling before, when I was mentally wired by my task list.
I have work to do within myself and I will get to a happy medium. For now, I'm enjoying the freedom I feel from not going insane about the bathroom cleaning schedule (btw, when did I clean that last?)

Now if I could just step away from my laptop long enough to make lunch...
Pinterest makes me hungry...


  1. Oh my gosh Jacy, your "lil' newborn muffin" is adorable! Congratulations!

  2. Thank you! I love staring at him all day :)


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