Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pinterest: The Ultimate Pinning Link-up Party!

Okay, this is my first attempt at a link-up party. It was too fun of an idea to pass up.
I mean, especially when it comes to Pinterest, right?
Everyone is on there now. So obviously if everyone is doing it, we should too. Duh.

So, here's how it goes...

Have you uploaded on your blog a recent DIY project photo, recipe, creation etc?
Want to share your pins, profile and browse other creative-minded folks?
I have posted above a fun "Queen of Pinterest" graphic to my board. It's original, like me (psh right.)

- Pin it to one of your boards then comment below with a link to one of YOUR pins!
- Following my Pinterest profile is optional but appreciated :)
- Continue linking up your pins and profiles below, so that we all can pin it to our boards.
- DO NOT link up blog pages, other social media profiles, shops etc.
This is a Pinterest Pin Zone Only please :)

Hopefully, we can pin creative stuff we love while promoting one another.
Awesome, I know. Plus, here's the other cool part...this linky party is scheduled for one year. Yup. That's not a typo. A 12 month linky party extravaganza!

So pin my graphic, linkup your pins (no limits) and browse/pin from other fine people. Then come back through the year, linking and pinning! Now how fun is that?
Oh and please check your pins before linking up. We don't want any spam or broken links.

I can't wait to see your pins and promote your awesomeness.
Don't forget to grab the official link-party button for your site or blog:

The Ultimate Pinning Linkup Party


  1. Here's a pin of a diaper bag i NEEEED!

  2. Wow Megan, I love it!! It has your colors too!

    AnnMarie, it is super fun :)

  3. I re-pinned your graphic and here is one of my new burp cloths

  4. Thanks sweet lady!

    Awesome burp cloths, I pinned to my baby board :)

  5. Ok - I'm game -- I pinned your banner - here is one of mine:


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