Friday, February 3, 2012

I feel loved / Print Giveaway Winner

Okay, where to start on this fine Friday?!

I'll start with thanking these great people to featuring me & my creations today :)
I feel so loved *sniff sniff*

Here's an awesome, neon bright treasury that is showcasing "My Yellow Handbag" print!

Also, special thanks to Marian Ruth for putting together a video promoting my work! She is such a doll, so sweet and cute...she features artists/crafters for free, so if you'd like Marian to make a video of your creations, contact her via her Facebook page here...thanks so much Marian!!

Lastly, big props to my girl Ellen who is amazing and contacted me about a feature over at her adorable blog, Lazy Lollipop! Check out the awesome write-up here! that my head is big enough for me to float to the moon, it's time for me to make someone else's day...

A winner has been chosen for the Double Print Giveaway that went on last week!
See the official announcement here in the original post...without further ado, the winner is...

Wow, I promise that was completely random haha
Congrats Ellen on winning two of my prints!
Email me at to claim your prize and send me your address.

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