Thursday, February 2, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So, we ended our trip a little early than expected...but I've got a praise report!!
Thank you to all who prayed about Jonathan's work situation. He got a call from a previous employer and they needed someone to cover hours, which will work out until Jonathan's new job starts :)

Very exciting! So, we spent three gorgeous days in Virginia and has so much fun with family. It was a nice getaway and though we wanted to stay longer, we counted our blessings and came back home last night.

We arrived at our condo about 2:30am and Jonathan was scheduled to work at 8! My poor Handsome Man...he's such a trooper.

I slept until about 9ish (creative/preggo brain wouldn't shut off!) and puppy girl is still sleeping haha
While we were there, my sister-in-law let us have some fun in her studio and we took really cool maternity shots! We did nice, dramatic ones then silly ones (of course, duh)
Can't wait until she send them to me, so I can share with you!!

BTW, I'm officially in the third trimester...only 13 more weeks left, ahhhh...
I can't wait! It was so fun showing off my belly bump to my niece and nephews.
All in all, it was the perfect mini, fam, laughs, memories...though I already miss them dearly, it's nice to be in my furry robe, cuddled in my big King-sized bed, enjoying my sweet home...

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