Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pinterest Pins & New Interior Design Illustrations

Okay, so, for this Studio Thursday I really need your help...basically, your honest opinion. As I'm trying to organize my studio and getting ready for baby, my mind is filled with all sorts of interior design ideas. I seriously cannot stop thinking about colors and fabrics and projects!!
Pinterest has been my crazy addiction lately.
Can you relate? haha
Here are a couple of pins that I just LOVE...

I am SO drawing these next!! Gorgeous...

This last one I adored so much, that I already sketched it it is!

I changed some things, of course, but man I want that chair lol
I used to work for an interior designer as her assistant and even have a certificate in interior decorating. To me, this is just another creative passion but I want to express in artwork.

I just want to start incorporating artwork that reflects life: fashion, hair, home interiors, food, nature, inspirational, children...I don't want to limit my brain because frankly, I can't if I tried!

Here are some other sketches I did...

With this last one, I touched it up in Photoshop and added color...
It's called "Poppies by the Bed"!

 So here's what I'd like to do...I have a section in my shop called HOME/FOOD (see it here) and would love to showcase black & white prints, as well as color prints of each of these sketches. I will also like to sell the original drawings in my ORIGINALS section (see it here.)

I have "Poppies by the Bed" already up (here) but I want to know what do YOU think about these drawings? Are they cool enough that people will like to own a print for their home?
Now be honest! I can handle it ;)


  1. Love the sketches! You are so talented. I haven't really looked at pinterst yet...

  2. Love love love it. In fact, I would really like to see the one with the chandelier, maybe in some rich, romantic tones? Am I allowed to make requests? LOL!

  3. Thank you SleightGirl! You're so sweet :)

    Steph, haha you're too funny...requests are always welcome, I love brainstorming ideas and such...a little too much probably lol

  4. Great blog! I'm addicted to pinterest too (BelleCosette)...I'm glad I found it after getting married or my head might explode...I bet it is an awesome tool for getting ready for baby!

  5. I love the drawings. You should do your own rendition of all the pictures. I would buy them. Hey, I love the blue chair too.


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