Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Laid-back Wednesday: Introducing Spoonflower; Make Your Own Fabric Designs!

I seriously love finding new, fun, creative sites. That's how Etsy happened :)
The other day, I was searching for tutorials on DIY baby clothes when I stumbled upon a link to how to make your own fabric designs...when I clicked, I was directed to Spoonflower!

Now, this may be something that some of you already know about, but for a novice like me, I feel like I hit the jackpot lol

Here is just a brief description of what I know about Spoonflower. Be sure to check out their website for wayy more in-depth info!

- You can create and upload your own design to be printed on fabric for your DIY projects or handmade items you create using fabric.

- If you order fabric with your own design, you get a designer discount!

 - You can sell your design to other people! After you design a fabric, you must order a swatch and approve the look. Once you approve the design, you can make it public for other people to buy, and you get 10% of each sale! Swatches are only $5.

- You can have a shop featuring all your designs, with a banner and avatar, just like Etsy! There's also a marketplace to browse tons of other people's designs, mingle with the designers, and enter contests.

- There are 9 different fabrics you can choose from! All different weights and qualities, depending on what project you're doing. You can order a sample pack of all 9 swatches for just $1. I can't wait for mine!

I don't even know if I have anymore time to squeeze in another creativity addiction, but I'm sure going to try! Can you imagine all the cool things you can make if you design your very own fabric?
I know, seriously!!

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  1. That is SERIOUSLY THEE coolest thing!! Omgosh! I totally have to check this out now! Thanks for sharing Jacy!!

    Its new to me too... so Im excited!:)


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