Monday, January 2, 2012

Introducing my first ebook! The Myths of Success (and How to Stay Positive.)

Here it very first ebook!
Available now in my shop for only $5.
Start the year off with positive business thinking and a clear business mind.

There are so many myths we feed into as first-time business owners or Etsy shop owners. This 17-page, PDF file ebook highlights only a few, but it gives a different perspective into why we feed into these myths and what we can do to stay positive as we grow our business.

This is the beginning of many inspirational and helpful ebooks that I will be launching in 2012. I have over 7 years of customer service experience and over 5 years in running my own business. I'm still learning and growing, but I want to share with you what has helped me get through frustrating moments and how I am able to keep a positive attitude in a crazy business world.

~Some highlights are:
*Defining success
*Creating what you love vs trends/fads
*Some myths we feed into as first-time business owners
*Uplifting truths about fear and failure
*Inspirational quotes & more!

Pretty cool, right?
To give you a taste, here is an excerpt:

"Great businesses happen because of great people behind them. These people didn’t take too much advice but learned by their own mistakes. Making mistakes is not something we want to do with our business, especially when we feel the entire world is watching. However, it is necessary. Just like a child and a hot iron. They learn quickly not to put a bare hand on the hot metal part, and the next time mom plugs it in, they keep their distance. Mistakes are like secret agents. They are sneaky and invisible. No one knows when one is going to creep up and grab ya. Yet, they have a job in the equation just like everything else. When their job is finished, they scurry away, unseen and hidden. When they are gone, that is when you realize something has changed and it was for the better."

It's encouraging, funny, honest, uplifting and helpful.
This isn't a step-by-step guide on how to get-rich-Etsy-quick...It's a resource for inspiration and positive thinking, so that your business mind can be clear and well on it's way to being a success!

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  1. Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderful book. Thank you for sharing.


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