Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Latest Fashion Illustrations

Just so you know, I am LOVING this change!
Fashion and illustration have been passions of mine for years. This week I will be sharing some old drawings I did back in middle/high school. But now, have fun checking out my latest illustrations! Print available in my shop (click on any image to go there.) 
Let me know what you think :)

"She Waits" Ink & Colored Pencil

"Grace Flows" Ink & Colored Pencil
 "Sincere Essence" Ink

"Tabitha's Hair Turban" Ink & Digital
 "Glorious Twist" Ink & Marker
"Teen Love" Ink & Colored Pencil


  1. Your artwork is very beautiful. I'm going to pin a couple of your pictures from your Etsy shop.


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