Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Fun Wednesday!

This is something new...and I love it!
I don't want to make every day a theme day and this may not be every week. However, I have so many friends engaged and getting hitched. It got me thinking how much fun I had planning mine, so I've decided to share with you some awesome wedding photos/ideas I've found.
(PS: At the end of the feature, I share my own wedding photos!!)

Check out these gorgeous cake toppers my friend Danielle made!
Click here to check out her DIY bridal blog and click here for her shop!

A button/brooch bouquet!
Here is country singer Miranda Lambert with her very own, personalized bouquet, created by a fellow Etsian!

Peppermint Pretty is a gorgeous shop. I just love how this dress flows! It looks so fluffy and soft :)

Beautiful hand-stamped forks!
This shop has everything to add some personalized, hand-stamped magic to any wedding or wedding gift.

Okay, confession. I am in LOVE with BraggingBags!! I adore their shop and every little treasure inside.

Another good friend  Kimberlee/ Gracefully Girly showcases many stunning wedding accessories. I adore this cathedral length veil, so stunning.

I absolutely LOVE this rhinestone and crystal headband!
Twigs & Honey is such a beautiful shop. You have to experience it here.

Okay, now I'm ready to share some of my own wedding photos!!

We had a casual dressed down reception. It was awesome! For our gigantic wedding party gifts, I created personalized t-shirts using was quick & easy. The amazing day ended by riding away on the motorcycle, while everyone blew bubbles. It was great!
Oops...can't forget our Bride & Groom Pimp Cups, yo :)

How was your wedding day? Share your stories in the comments!

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